Wildlife Vets International


Wildlife Vets International (WVI) is a charity created to give conservation workers the veterinary support and skills they need to protect wild animals and wild places. They provide veterinary services for conservation projects, training for staff working hands-on with endangered species and a rapid response to conservation emergencies.

Dr John Lewis of WVI is veterinary consultant to the Amur leopard project run by WCS Russia and The Institute of Biology and Soil (part of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and also to ZSL’s Wildlife Health Project.

He is also veterinary advisor to the Amur tiger and Amur leopard EEPs (conservation breeding programmes) and was involved in the development of the Amur leopard reintroduction plan. He will be the veterinary advisor for the plan should it go ahead.

In addition to this, WVI are building an Amur leopard veterinary database containing data gathered from both captive and wild Amur leopards.

For more information on WVI’s work see their website.