Arran Gregory – Exhibition

Arran Gregory “HUNT”
October 15 – 18, 2015

The Old Truman Brewery, F Block T2,
91 Brick Lane London E1 6QL.

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HUNT is an immersive solo exhibition by British artist Arran Gregory. The show
features twenty hand-made mirror sculptures, four large-scale canvas paintings
and a collection of silkscreen prints. The sculptures presented by AG at HUNT draw
our attention towards the nearly extinct Amur Leopard.

Found in the Russian Far East and northern borders of China, the Amur Leopard is
the world’s most endangered big cat. It is estimated that few more than 60 remain
in the wild. When starting this project two years ago, the estimate was as low as 35
and although new reports indicate repopulation, the numbers remain dangerously
low. Inspired by the elusive and mysterious nature of his subject, AG has created an
environment depicting a third of those remaining in the wild.

AG plays with shape, form and colour (or lack of) in order to deconstruct and
question our place within nature. The collection of canvas paintings work alongside
the sculptures, experimenting with the same simplicity of structure via a more
immediate and raw process.

Arran Gregory (b.1987) studied Graphic Design for Communication at Chelsea
College of Art & Design. Since then, his work has developed across a variety of
platforms with his bold, monotone line drawings experimenting with the same
playful elements found within his sculptural work. Coming from a background of
graphic design, AG finds a balance between commissioned work and his personal
projects which informs and expands his practice.

He has exhibited in London, Berlin and Tokyo and recently collaborated with Johnnie Walker and Ralph Lauren.
AG currently works from his studio space in the woods just outside of London.

HUNT is generously sponsored by ARTBLOCK and the Old Truman Brewery.
A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Amur Leopard & Tiger
Alliance (ALTA) and the Long Live South Bank campaign.


More information and enquiries: || instagram @arrangregory