We’d like to thank you for considering to donate to ALTA Conservation.  We are thankful to have donors from all over the world who want to help us in our mission to protect Amur leopards and tigers.  The options below will take you to our standard UK forms, before allowing you to complete your donation via PayPal.  If you are donating from anywhere else in the world, we suggest completing the variable form, so you are able to enter whatever amount you wish.

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If you would like to make a yearly donation, please Contact Us for assistance.

If you would prefer to donate over the phone this can be arranged so please contact us for help.

You can also send any cheques in using the address below. (Please make cheques payable to Zoological Society of London, our umbrella charity)

Tell your story

We would also love to hear your fundraising stories,  some photographs, or even just a short quote telling us why you support ALTA.  These will be kept and used on the website and social media sites, to give inspiration to other fundraisers.

You can send in information to:

ALTA C/o ZSL Regents Park London NW1 4RY

Or email information using our Contact us page.

Remember to give all your details, so we know who to thank!