Get involved

You can help

Here are  just a few examples of how your money could help:

  • £122 winter uniforms for anti-poaching crew
  • £15 is the cost of each dart used to anaesthetise the tigers and leopards from a safe distance
  • £600 per month for fuel and repairs for project vehicle
  • £120 will provide a general surgery kit for a field vet
  • £132.30  1 x Bushnell Trophy Cam camera traps and 8 x Energizer lithium batteries
  • £255 Ranger Digital Night Vision Scope for anti-poaching inspectors
  • £31 for SIM card for a camera trap
  • £27,100 Field Patrol Vehicle Toyota Hiace, model year 2011
  • £250 GPS unit

 The best way you can help give Amur leopards and Amur tigers a future is to donate now!!

When you donate to ALTA, we give you the option of giving your donation to a specific project, so you can pick exactly what you are raising money for.

These are:

  • Where most needed
  • Amur leopard population monitoring
  • Fire fighting in Amur leopard range
  • Anti-poaching and compensation of livestock kills
  • Education and outreach
  • Amur tiger conservation
  • Wildlife health monitoring
  • Veterinary support and training for Amur leopard and tiger captures
  • Veterinary preparation to Amur leopard reintroduction

When you complete your donation form online, you can select one of these options or give the money to where it is most needed.


Get Fundraising

Take a look at our Fundraising Page to get inspiration and see what others have done.

Tell your story

We would also love to hear your fundraising stories,  some photographs, or even just a short quote telling us why you support ALTA.  These will be kept and used on the website and social media sites, to give inspiration to other fundraisers.

You can send in information to:

ALTA C/o ZSL Regents Park London NW1 4RY

Or email information using our Contact us page.

Remember to give all your details, so we know who to thank!