Chris Godfrey Wildlife Photography

Help support ALTA’s work by buying selected items from Chris Godfrey’s fabulous work. Enjoy a new photo every month with this stunning 2016 calendar!

Abigail Burt

Renowned medallist Abigail Burt has designed this stunning decorative bronze medal featuring the Amur leopard. Measuring 83mm in diameter this striking piece is produced using relief carving and lost wax casting and features a portrait of an Amur leopard on the front, with a small leopard featured on the back. Abigail has generously agreed to […]

Mike Matthews Artworks

Beautiful prints, fabulous T-shirts and more merchandise to be added soon. All purchases from this collection benefit ALTA.

Photography for Big Cats

Barbara Meyer is a professional photographer who runs photography courses as well as selling her own prints. ALTA is one of her Wildlife Conservation partners that receives a proportion of the proceeds from the courses and prints.

Mark Hughes Photography

Beautiful photography by Mark Hughes, available in many formats from post cards to framed prints. 100% of the profits of the sale of these prints will go to ALTA

Tayto Park

Amur leopard photo T-shirt for ALTA, under “Clothing” section on Tayto Park’s Shop page. 100% of the profits from the sale of these T-shirts will go to ALTA. EU Market.