Supporter Zoos

Supporter Zoos

ALTA partners have raised more than two million US dollars for Amur leopard conservation since 1996. Zoos have provided about 40% of these funds. More than 40 zoos worldwide have contributed to Amur leopard in situ conservation (probably a world record for a single subspecies program). European zoos (EAZA) have contributed  approximately $600,000 and North American zoos (AZA) approximately $150,000 to ALTA partners since 1996.

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) provides 100% of the money that is donated via this website to field projects.

The sponsors listed below have provided support for Amur leopard field projects through Tigris Foundation, The Zoological Society of London and AMUR. Not all sponsors that provided support to The Wildlife Conservation Society and Phoenix Fund have been included.

ALTA sponsors

* Sponsors that have provided more than $US 25,000

European Zoos and affiliated organisations

ALERTIS / Ouwehands Zoo / (Holland)*, Antwerp Zoo (Belgium), Association Aves (France), Blackpool Zoo (UK), Copenhagen Zoo (Denmark), Conservation of Species & Populations of Animals (CEPA, France)*, Foundation of Friends of Safaripark Beekse Bergen and Dierenrijk (Holland)*, Zoo Conservation Fund (Holland)*, Le Parc des Félins (France), Lucie Burgers Foundation – Burgers Zoo (Holland)*, Mulhouse Zoo (France), Rotterdam Zoo (Holland)*, Stiftung Artenschutz (Germany), Wildlife Park Cricket St. Thomas (UK), Zoological Society La Torbiera (Italy),

Helsinki Zoo (Finland)*

North-American Zoos and affiliated organisations

Audubon Zoo (USA), Central Florida Zoo (USA), Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (USA), Denver Zoo (USA), Disney’s Animal Kingdom (USA), Columbus Zoological Gardens (USA), Endangered Species Fund of Canada / Jungle Cat World (Canada), Erie Zoo (USA), Feline Conservation Center (USA), Folsom Children’s Zoo (USA), Ft. Wayne Children’s Zoo (USA), John Ball Zoological Society (USA), Granby Zoo (Canada), Greenville Zoo (USA), Living Desert (USA), Minnesota Zoo (USA), New England Zoo (USA)Oregon Zoo (USA), Oregon Zoo (USA), Philadelphia Zoological Gardens (USA), Pittsburgh Zoo (USA), Project Survival Cat Conservation Group (USA), Riverbanks Zoo and Garden (USA), Rolling Hills Refuge (USA), Saint Louis Zoo (USA), Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens (USA), Sedgwick County Zoo (USA), Sierra Endangered Cat Haven (USA), Utah’s Hogle Zoo (USA), Zoo Boise (USA),


Featured Zoos

Helsinki Zoo

ALTA would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Helsinki Zoo for their fantastic fundraising efforts. Their main fundraising event is ‘Cat’s Night’ held on the first and second friday of September. This exciting event, when the zoo remains open until midnight, attracts 10,000 visitors each night. There are performances by the zoo’s theatre group, live bands playing, enrichment activities for the big cats, workshops for children to participate in and items for sale to raise more funds.



Helsinki Zoo Cat's Night

Helsinki Zoo Cat’s Night

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

ALTA would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for their fantastic fundraising efforts.

  • Enhanced Amur tiger and Amur leopard shows and training/enrichment demonstrations. They are a great way to show people how amazing Amurs are and deliver conservation messages/teach them about ALTA.
  • Enhanced Amur tiger and leopard behind the scenes tours, with lots of focus on conservation matters and educating about ALTA.
  • Teacher workshops in which local teachers where given the tools and experience needed to teach their students about Amur leopards and tigers/ALTA.
  • Continued awareness at CC Tigers hockey games by having an information and activity booth at the games.
  • Working with the Zookeeping Technology professors at Pikes Peak Community College to organize and teach field classes.  Doing special presentations and labs for/with the students focusing on Amur leopards and tigers/ALTA.
  •  Big Cat Bonanza events (a festival focusing on Amur leopards and tigers and snow leopards).


Zoya with paper mache enrichment